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StrengthsFinder™ Inspired Training Workshop Slides (PowerPoint format) with Speaker/Facilitator Notes

Each slide includes comprehensive speaker notes with transitions to each slide so that you can quickly prepare and deliver the presentation to a group.

Facilitator Presentation: Sample Training Slides

The presentation includes 46 pages (plus an appendix) of material for a training session.

Team StrengthsFinder™ Report Spreadsheet

Input your team’s strengths into a spreadsheet and plan ideal profile positions in your company/team. (Microsoft Excel format)

Team Announcement Email

Two pre-written email templates for you to use when announcing the strengths training workshop to your team. A shorter (150 word) and longer (400 word) version is provided.

Team Building Discussion Activities

Three planned discussions allow the team to discuss the StrengthsFinder™ concepts, their strengths, the team, and opportunities for the group to leverage strengths.



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